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Arriving & Leaving School

The school arrangements for arriving and leaving school are below following the same staggered order as in the Autumn Term;

Class 4

8.30 am entering in the playground door

3.00 pm Collection from the playground


Class 3

8.45 am entering in the playground door

3.15 pm Collection from the playground


Class 1 and Class 2

9.00am Class 2 entering in the front entrance door and Class 1 entering from the playground

3.30pm Collection from the playground


Children in a family arrive with the eldest child and leave with the youngest (for example, if you have children in Year 5 and Year 1, they will both attend at school at 8.30am and leave at 3.30pm).

Children will stay in their respective classrooms whilst waiting for collection.   Children in Class 2 will still enter school through the main Reception door, and all other children will enter from the playground as in the Autumn term. All children will be collected from the playground at the end of their school day. Please arrive as near to collection time as possible continue to stand socially distanced on the school playground. The School Streets regulations around school continue as statutory.

Covid-19 Safe System of Work (March 2021)

Planning for Tiered Restrictions