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Welcome to Dalby

Your teacher this year is Miss Morse. The teaching assistants linked to this class are Mr Trickett and Mrs Howcroft. Mrs Van Velzen and Mrs Acaster also support in class.

During the children’s time in Dalby class they will cover topics over a 2 year cycle. This means that they will learn different things in Year 3 and Year 4. The main topics covered this year are: Britain through the Stone age, Iron age and Bronze age, Rivers and Water, Romans, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Anglo- Saxons, Rainforests. All of the topics have a Science, History or Geography focus.

Children take part in a variety of activities to extend their learning. The children enjoy an ‘Iron Age’ day in school experiencing life as a stone age person. They are involved in Iron age cooking, campfires and making Iron age inspired jewellery.

When learning about Volcanoes and other world disasters the children have lots of fun making a volcano whilst learning how and why they occur. They find out about lots of other world disasters around the planet including Earthquakes and Tsunami’s.

The topic ‘Water and Rivers’ focuses on learning about the water cycle and all the different processes involved in it. The children learn about the importance of treating water and they look closely at states of matter. We will go for a walk and explore the local rivers.

When learning about ‘Rainforests’ the children will look at where they are located in the world and why they are there. They will investigate the different layers of the rainforests and the different animals and plants that can be found there.

The final topic to be covered this academic year is ‘The Romans’. The children learn about how invasions create changes to land and culture. They find out who were the great Roman leaders, how the Roman empire spread and where/when/how they invaded. The children will investigate the impact the Romans had on Britian.

The children will be given the opportunities to take part in many challenging, engaging, exciting lessons ranging from sports, outdoor learning days, theme days and opportunities to work as a school community.