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Welcome to Cropton

In Cropton Forest Class (Class 4) we are taught by Mr Evans and have support with our learning from Mrs Queijo.

Every morning, we have English and maths sessions. We have homework and spellings set each week, and our spelling test is on a Thursday.

During the afternoons, we learn through our topics, which are:

  • 7 Wonders of The World    

We learn all about the 7 natural wonders of the world. We use atlases to study the location of the sites and learn all about the hemispheres, climate zones and different environments.

  • Ancient Greeks

We focus on the lives of people who lived in Ancient Greece. We read famous Greek legends and myths, learn about Greek heroes like Hercules and even study the Greek gods. We consider how the Greek civilisation impacted upon our lives today by learning about democracy, Greek art and the Olympic Games. We even get to take part in our own Ancient Greek Olympic Day!

  •     Victorians

We learn all about the Victorians, studying the life of the famous Queen Victoria. We also learn about the lives of normal Victorian people, studying how they dressed, where they worked and what they did in their leisure time. We discover what life was like for a Victorian child and compare how it is different to our own lives. We even get the chance to taste the food eaten by Victorian children who lived in workhouses.

  • Where We Live

In this topic, we use maps and atlases to study our local area. We evaluate how living in Goole is similar or different to living in different areas around the world focusing on the human and physical geography of the regions. We get the chance to do field studies, exploring the local area and creating maps and sketches of the landscape.

  • The Kingdom of Benin

We learn about the ancient Kingdom of Benin. Learning about where Benin is located, who its rulers were, how it became so rich and how in the end the Kingdom was destroyed.

We also study science every week. In our science lessons, we enjoy taking part in experiments that help us to understand how the scientific rules have practical impacts. We enjoy experiments such as; creating pop-bottle rockets powered by chemical reactions; investigating friction by measuring the distance vehicles travel over different surfaces; creating our own electrical circuits using bulbs, buzzers and motors and so much more.

Alongside our topic and science lessons we also study RE, French and art and design every week in school.

Our PE days are Thursdays and Fridays, so we must have our PE kit in school on those days.

We are given the chance to take part in as many challenging, and engaging activities in school and in as many school events as possible. These include; sports competitions, theme days, school trips and Go Wild Days.