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The Governing Board of the school is responsible for the overall long-term policy of the school, working in conjunction with the head teacher.  The head teacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control, as well as ensuring the strategic planning of the governing board is delivered.

The Governors are made up of members appointed by Edukos Trust, a staff representative, parents and other community members.  They meet at least once a term to discuss the past, present and future of Airmyn School.  They ensure that current legislation is addressed and appropriate action taken.

Certain Governors have specific responsibilities for areas of the school’s strategic leadership.  Governors are usually involved with the appointment of new staff.

Current Membership

Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeHow Appointed
Mrs Natalie Dodds25/04/2022Ex-OfficioVoting Head Teacher
Mrs Katherine Donald04/05/20234 YearsStaff Election
Mrs Elizabeth Franks08/11/20204 YearsParent Election
Mrs Jennifer Pepper18/03/20214 YearsTrust Appointed
Mrs Sarah Turner21/06/20234 YearsParent Election
Mrs Jane Peake08/12/20224 YearsTrust Appointed
Mr Matthew Nundy13/07/20234 YearsTrust Appointed
Mrs Lynne Last22/02/20244 YearsTrust Appointed


Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeDate of ResignationHow Appointed
Alison Oxtoby06/12/20194 years06/11/2023Trust Appointed
Donna Woad11/09/20214 years31/03/2023Staff Election
Sue Hurst18/03/20214 years10/06/2022Trust Appointed

Attendance at Meetings

Full NameAutumn Term (1)
11 September 2023
Autumn Term (2)
6 November 2023
Spring Term
26 February 2024
Summer Term
10 June 2024
Mrs S Turner (Chair)PresentPresentApologiesPresent
Mrs N DoddsPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mrs L FranksApologiesPresentPresentApologies
Mrs L Lastn/an/aPresentPresent
Mrs K McDonaldPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mr M NundyPresentPresentPresentPresent
Miss A OxtobyPresent (via Teams)Apologiesn/an/a
Mrs J PeakePresentPresentPresentPresent
Mrs J PepperPresentPresentPresentPresent
Also in attendance: Mr C Huscroft
Full NameAutumn Term (1)
28 September 2022
Autumn Term (2)
10 November 2022
Spring Term
28 February 2023
Summer Term
12 June 2023
Natalie DoddsPresentPresentPresentPresent
Liz FranksApologiesApologiesPresentPresent
Jenny PepperPresentApologiesPresentPresent
Sarah TurnerPresentPresentPresentApologies
Alison OxtobyApologiesApologiesPresentPresent
Donna WoadPresentPresentPresentn/a
Jane Peaken/an/aPresentPresent
Katherine Donaldn/an/an/aPresent
Full Name25 November 20218 March 202228 June 2022
Mrs Natalie DoddsN/AN/APresent
Mrs Elizabeth FranksPresentPresentPresent
Mrs Jennifer HamiltonPresentApologiesApologies
Mrs Susan HirstPresentPresentN/A
Miss Alison OxtobyApologiesPresentApologies
Mrs Caroline SturgeonApologiesPresentN/A
Mrs Sarah TurnerPresentApologiesPresent
Mrs Heidi WhyleyPresentPresentN/A
Mrs Donna WoadPresentPresentPresent

Pecuniary Interests